Bobby Giancola

Bobby Giancola Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Below Deck and Net Worth

Bobby Giancola
Bobby Giancola

Bobby Giancola Biography

Bobby Giancola is a well-known television personality in the United States. His role as a deckhand on the Ionian Princess, which can be seen in the television series Below Deck Mediterranean on Bravo, has brought him the most notoriety. Bobby, who has experience as a maritime firefighting instructor and is now working as a deckhand on the Ionian Princess, is one of the crew members who is sure to stand out.

Bobby Giancola Age

Bobby was born on February 02, 1985, in Indian Harbour Beach, Florida. He is 38 years old.

Bobby Giancola Height

Bobby stands at an approximate height of 5ft 10in.

Bobby Giancola Parents

Indian Harbour Beach, Florida is where Bobby started his life. Susan, his mother, was his primary caregiver throughout his upbringing, and he has an elder sister.

Ariana Madix, one of the stars of “Vanderpump Rules,” has revealed that Bobby was her childhood pal. They had their initial encounter in the ninth grade, and she became his first friend in high school. He says that she is honest, but that she has a kind heart, and that he remembers her riding her horse Raven. He also says that she doesn’t sugarcoat anything. Bobby’s “guilty pleasure” is watching superhero movies, and he doesn’t care whether they’re based on Marvel or DC Comics; he likes them all.

Bobby Giancola Girlfriend

Bobby does not have someone special in his life right now. The fact that he had a crush on Julia during the previous season was difficult for him to deal with, and ever since then, he has pledged to concentrate entirely on yachting when he is on the job. Bobby, who is still a hopeless romantic at heart, will never say never when it comes to the possibility of falling in love with his “ideal woman.” Bobby admits that all they did together was eat good and drink beer when he was dating one of his early girlfriends, who was the daughter of a chef.

Because of this, he gained excess weight, and he realized it was time to make a change when he realized how exhausted he was all the time and how much it was affecting his ability to perform his work as a firefighter.

He came to the conclusion that he was putting the lives of his coworkers at jeopardy since he was not in the best possible physical condition to rescue them in the event of a fire, so he made the decision to alter his behavior. Now, whenever he finds himself in a position where he needs the inspiration to get back into shape or to work out, he thinks back on how far he has come, and it sparks the fire of passion once more inside of him.

Bobby Giancola Below Deck Mediterranean

After spending some time in Florida working as a marine firefighting instructor, Bobby eventually became a deckhand aboard the Ionian Princess while appearing on the television show Below Deck.

More recently, he gave up his work as a firefighter in order to devote his full time to yachting in the Mediterranean. He claims that the two careers are comparable in the sense that they are both exciting occupations that require travel to bizarre locations. At the moment, he is continuing to make appearances on the television show Below Deck Mediterranean on Bravo and is also studying to get his captain’s license. In addition to Sandy Yawn, Adam Glick, and Lee Rosbach, he also makes an appearance on the show.

His advice to those who are going on a boat cruise is to bring medicine for motion sickness with them. It is too late for treatment once they experience the first symptoms of motion sickness.

The Neutrogena sunscreen is Bobby’s other go-to option because of its long-lasting protection. He is still employed by Elite Yacht Management, where he is responsible for maintenance and is gaining as much knowledge as possible about the sector. He has been a volunteer with the fire department in Cocoa Beach, Florida, for a number of years, and he thoroughly enjoys the rush of adrenaline that comes along with his job. In addition to that, he holds training in emergency medical services.

Bobby Giancola Net Worth

Bobby has an estimated net worth of $1.4 Million.

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