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Bruce Morrow
Bruce Morrow

Bruce Morrow Biography

Bruce Morrow is a radio performer from the United States who is also known as Cousin Brucie in certain professional contexts. On channel 6, in the 1960s, he hosts shows that are broadcast on Sirius XM satellite radio. The live broadcasts of Cousin Brucie’s Saturday Night Party – Live take place on Saturday nights, and the live broadcasts of Cousin Brucie’s Cruisin’ with Cousin Brucie take place on Wednesday nights.

Bruce Morrow Age

Morrow (born Bruce Meyerowitz) was born on October 13, 1935, in Brooklyn, New York, United States. He is 87 years old.

Bruce Morrow Education

After briefly attending Brooklyn College as a student, Bruce withdrew his enrollment there. After some time, he enrolled in New York University’s Communications Arts Program to further his education. Bruce was successful in his attempt to persuade a dean to allow the establishment of the school’s first radio station, which was called WCAG (Communications Arts Group). It was a carrier current station that broadcast classical music across a very narrow frequency band and had a very limited range.

Bruce Morrow Family | Parents

Bruce was born on October 13th, 1935 in the borough of Brooklyn, New York, in the United States. After spending some time on East 26th Street between Avenues V and W, his family moved to their current residence on East 29th Street. Going to Coney Island and spending the day riding the rides at Steeplechase Park was his absolute favorite thing to do when he was a kid. The stories of Boston Blackie, The Bickersons, Superman, and The Shadow are said to have captivated his attention when he was a child and hold a special place in his heart even today.

Bruce Morrow Wife

In 1973, Bruce, who had recently been divorced, went on a blind date and met Jodie Berlin. They got married the following year after their first date. They have been given the gift of one child. Susan Stoloff was his ex-wife and he has been married before.

Bruce Morrow WNBC

Bruce moved his broadcasting to the competing radio station WNBC. In August 1974. After working there for three years, he decided to leave the performing industry to become a partner in an entrepreneurial venture with Robert F.X. Sillerman and an owner of the Sillerman Morrow network of radio stations. It included WALL, WKGL, which is now known as WRRV, in Middletown, New York; WJJB, which was later known as WCZX, in Poughkeepsie, New York; WHMP in Northampton, Massachusetts; WOCB in West Yarmouth, Massachusetts; WRAN, which is no longer broadcasting, New Jersey 1510, in Randolph, New Jersey; and television station WATL in Atlanta. In later years, the collective acquired ownership of WPLR in New Haven, Connecticut.

Bruce Morrow Sirus XM Satellite Radio

As of the year 2019, Bruce is a host for several programs on Sirius XM satellite radio, specifically in the 1960s on channel 6. The live broadcasts of Cousin Brucie’s Saturday Night Party – Live take place on Saturday nights, and the live broadcasts of Cousin Brucie’s Cruisin’ with Cousin Brucie take place on Wednesday nights. The broadcast that airs on Wednesday will no longer be repeated on Sunday evenings, as it did in the past.

The repetition is replaced with a show called “Best of Brucie,” which is a compilation of all of Brucie’s most memorable moments during his time on SiriusXM. His staff includes previous senior producer Adam Saltzman, whose grandfather was a studio session drummer named Buddy Saltzman, who is now working on The Beatles Channel; former producer Lauren Hornek, who is now working for Hits1; and his current senior producer.

Bruce Morrow WABC(AM770)

In 1961, Bruce relocated back to New York to work at the prominent station WABC (AM 770), which also broadcasted top 40 music. His return to New York City occurred about the same time as rock and roll music was experiencing an explosion of popularity among members of the baby boom generation. At the start of the so-called British Invasion, Bruce was able to secure a spot on the most influential radio station on the East Coast thanks to the aforementioned circumstance. The majority of his competition came from his old station, WINS, which featured a DJ by the name of “Murray the K” who claimed to have been associated with the Beatles.

The evening shift at WABC, which was geared toward teenagers and ran from 6:15 to 10:30 p.m. and featured Bruce playing a variety of music from the era, was an instant hit, and Bruce’s popularity skyrocketed (Motown soul, pop, hard rock, surf music, novelty records).

In addition to that, he was responsible for the presentation of commercials for youth-oriented sponsors such as Thom McAn, local clothing retailers in the New York and New Jersey areas, and events such as concerts and drag-strip races. It wasn’t until August 1974 that he made the move to WABC’s competitor, WNBC, after having spent 13 years and 4,014 broadcasts working for the company.

Bruce Morrow Cruisin’ America

In 1982, Bruce went back to work as a radio broadcaster, this time for an oldies station in New York City called WCBS-FM. In the beginning, he filled in for Jack Spector on the Saturday Night Sock Hop show every third Saturday evening. After Spector stepped down from his role as host of the event in 1985, Bruce took over as the primary performer and rebranded it as the Saturday Night Dance Party.

The station also began broadcasting his show Cruisin’ America, which is syndicated nationally. In 1986, Bruce began working the Wednesday evening shift, during which he conducted a countdown of the top 15 songs from the previous day and the current day. The Wednesday show was renamed “The Yearbook” in 1991, and it focuses primarily on music that was popular between the years 1955 and 1979. During the years 1992 to 1996, Cousin Brucie was also heard on Atlantic 252 in the role of “breakfast host.”

Following the conclusion of the radio program Cruisin’ America in December 1992, Bruce moved on to become the host of a radio program on WCBS called Cruising with the Cuz, which aired on Monday evenings from then until the end of 1993. Later on, the program was canceled, and he went on to broadcast the Saturday night and Wednesday night programs at that location until June 3, 2005, when the station switched to playing adult hits under the name Jack FM. Soon after that, Bruce entered into an agreement with Sirius Satellite Radio to host an oldies program as well as a weekly conversation show for a period of multiple years.

Bruce Morrow Net Worth/ Salary

He has an estimated net worth of $3 million which he has earned from his successful career. His salary information is not available but will be updated as soon as it is available.





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