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Chris Cline
Chris Cline
Chris Cline

Chris Cline Biography

Chris Cline was an American mining entrepreneur who amassed a billion dollars in wealth and was also active in charitable giving. As of March 2013, he was the primary shareholder in the privately owned company Foresight Reserves LP, which had its operations based in St. Louis, Missouri. According to Bloomberg, he was considered to be the “New King Coal.” It was also believed that he was the one who was responsible for resurrecting the coal business in Illinois. The Northern Appalachians and the state of Illinois are home to more than three billion tons of coal reserves that belong to Cline’s corporation. A helicopter he was riding in crashed in the Abacos, taking his life.

Chris Cline Age

Chris (Christopher Cline) was born on July 5, 1958, in Isaban, West Virginia, and died on July 4, 2019, when he was 60 years old.

Chris Cline Family

Paul is Chris’s father, but nobody knows who Chris’s mother is. Chris is Paul’s son. In the early part of the 20th century, his grandfather used a pickax to mine for coal in the area surrounding Beckley, West Virginia. When Chris was just six years old, his father, Paul, gave him a penny for each paper bag that he filled with soil and asked him to help him fill a paper bag with dirt.

In Isaban, West Virginia, Chris removed the soil from under the porch of their bungalow. The dirtbags were employed by his father in the process of mine blasting. Within a span of two years, their porch was reduced to rubble. Cline claims that his father advised him to “support the roof better” when they were younger. In 1980, when Cline was 21 years old, his father bought out his business partner and subsequently gave Cline shares in the company. During that time, he was attending Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia, to pursue his studies in psychology.

Chris Cline Wife

Sabrina, Cline’s first wife, lost her battle with breast cancer in the year 1987. He remarried in 1993, but he and his second wife, Kelly, had a divorce in 2000. The marriage had been troubled from the beginning. Chris is the father of four children: two sons, and two daughters. He owned a home in his hometown of Beckley, West Virginia, which is located on a 150-acre (0.61 km2) property that features a lake, a go-kart track, and pastures for his horses, goats, and llamas. The mansion in North Palm Beach, Florida, was 33,413 square feet (3,104.2 m2) in size. He also had a home in Florida.

On August 20, 2012, aspiring actor Vivek Shah was taken into custody for the attempted extortion of Chris Cline, Harvey Weinstein, and three other unknown individuals. If the $13 million was not transferred to an offshore bank account on or around June 26, 2012, Shah made death threats against members of Cline’s family. Cline was the target of these threats. In the last week of September 2012, a seven-count criminal indictment against Shah was filed in the United States District Court in Los Angeles. In 2013, he was sentenced to seven years in prison after being found guilty of all charges.

Chris Cline Children

Chris is the father of four kids: two sons named Alex L. Cline and Christopher L. Cline, as well as two girls named Kameron N. Cline and Candice L. Cline. According to a tweet posted by a lawmaker from West Virginia, Cline’s younger daughter Kameron Cline, who had just graduated college and was the younger of the two Cline children, was also killed in the helicopter crash. According to the Associated Press, the chopper crashed two miles away from a group of private islands that Cline owned and named Big Grand Cay. According to and the Palm Beach Post, two of Kameron’s sorority sisters from LSU named Brittney Searson and Jillian Clark also passed away in the helicopter crash along with her.

Chris Cline Death

Chris died in a helicopter crash on July 4, 2019, in Abaco, just a day before his 61st birthday.

Chris Cline Mine Games

Chris was the proud owner of the deluxe yacht Mine Games, which was 205 feet (62 meters) in length. My Games has its very own submarine in addition to its five cabins. Trinity Yachts, which is located on the Gulf Coast and is owned by Felix Sabates, an entrepreneur, and philanthropist, was responsible for both the design and construction of the vessel.

Chris Cline Coal

Because Illinois has a supply of coal that will last for two hundred and fifty years, the state has the greatest recoverable coal reserve in the United States. Coal mining operations can be found in twelve different counties around the state, contributing to the state’s over one billion dollar coal sector. It takes one pound of Illinois coal, which is known as bituminous coal, to generate one kilowatt hour of energy. Chris had forecasted that the United States Environmental Protection Agency would force power stations to install scrubbers in order to remove pollution. He spent $300 million acquiring mining rights and equipment in Illinois in anticipation of this requirement. Coal from Illinois contains an unsafely high level of sulfur, which prevents most power plants from using it.

In 2005, Foresight Energy established its Williamson longwall mining operation in the state of Illinois, to the south of West Frankfort. Finally, the coal mining section of the Chris Group purchased the Monterey No. 1 mine from ExxonMobil. This division also created Sugar Camp, Hillsboro, and the Macoupin complex.

According to a report published by SNL Financial in 2008, the Deer Run coal mine located in Montgomery County, Illinois, which is a project of Cline’s Hillsboro Energy LLC, is expected to produce up to 8 million tons yearly through 2016. Representatives of Chris stated, within the same report, that he planned to achieve an annual coal production of sixty million tons from the state of Illinois alone.

Environmental organizations in Illinois and landowners have joined forces in an effort to prevent Cline’s application for a coal mining permit and to bring attention to the political contributions he has made in the state.

Chris has stated that the human race will benefit more from inexpensive and abundant energy than from overreacting to what he refers to as minimal increases so far in atmospheric CO2 and the level of the world’s oceans. He believes this to be the case because cheap and abundant energy will allow the human race to prosper. In the course of an interview with Bloomberg, he made the following statement: “As far as the social acceptability of coal, I like to think I’m part of supplying the cheapest energy in America.”

Chris Cline Net Worth

Chris had an estimated Net worth of  US$1.9 billion.

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