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Dulce Candy
Dulce Candy
Dulce Candy

Dulce Candy Biography

Dulce Candy is a YouTuber and fashion vlogger who was born in the United States and raised in Mexico. She is most known for posting makeup tutorials and tricks, beauty tips, product reviews, and travel vlogs on her channel, which is also named Dulce Candy.

As of the month of June 2018, she has amassed more than 2.2 million followers on her YouTube channel. In addition to that, the aggregate number of views on her channel currently stands at over 322 million. She not only has a large number of fan followers on YouTube but also on her other social media platforms. In addition to that, at the time that this article was written, she had more than 1.1 million followers on her Instagram account alone.

In addition to that, she possesses a supplementary YouTube channel that has over 311 thousand subscribers. She mentioned that she was born in Mexico and that her relocation to Southern California involved a lot of difficult circumstances and hazards in one of her films that she posted on YouTube. Despite their lack of financial stability, she was able to spend the majority of his youth there and received a great deal of love and care from her family. In addition, she had a strong relationship with her sisters and participated in cheerleading while she was a student in high school. Since she was a very young child, she has had an interest in a variety of subjects, ranging from the application of beauty and fashion to the service of her country.

Up to this point, there is no information on her educational background or qualifications. However, it would appear that she has a good education given the accomplishments that she has achieved.

Dulce Candy initiated the creation of her channel on YouTube on June 14, 2008, and on July 3, 2008, she published her debut video, which was named “MaryKay The Berries Look!!!! using mineral eyeshadows..” Since that time, she has been sharing a variety of makeup how-tos and tricks, beauty advice, product reviews, and travel vlogs on her channel.

To this day, the video titled “Quick and Easy: Winged Liner” is the one that has received the greatest number of views on her channel. Up to this point, it has been viewed by more than 9.5 million people.

Her channel is currently gaining new subscribers on a daily basis, and there are currently over 2.2 million people doing so. Additionally, she uploads films on a regular basis, which ranges from once or twice per week to once per week. Before she became popular on YouTube and in the fashion industry, she enlisted in the military in 2006 and spent fifteen months serving her country in Iraq.

Dulce Candy Age

She was born on August 20, 1987, in Zacapa Mexico. Her nationality is Mexican- American. She is 35 years old.

Dulce Candy Family

She had been keeping the identity of her father a secret up until this point. Teresa is the name of the woman who is her mother, and she is unexpectedly interested in beauty and fashion as well. In addition to that, she maintains a popular YouTube channel with more than 56,000 subscribers. Due to the fact that she appears to be so young and up-to-date, many people are taken aback when they learn that she is Dulce’s mother. She is the middle of two sisters and spent her childhood with both of them.

Dulce Candy Children

She has a son named Izek.

Dulce Candy Height

She stands at a height of 4’9″.

Dulce Candy Husband

In the video that she uploaded to YouTube, she revealed that when she was 14 years old, she had a boyfriend who ended their relationship without giving her any reason. After being unable to cope with the pain of the loss, she made the decision to take her own life. On the other hand, she eventually got over him. Regrettably, she conveyed her deepest sympathies to him after learning that he had died away in 2018 after learning of the news. Jesse Ruiz is the man she is married to right now. He, too, was a member of the army and served in the same regiment that Dulce did.

In 2006, Dulce and Jesse both served in the army and were members of the same unit. Jesse was standing there minding his own business as all of the other boys were trying to pick her up. The fact that it happened so quickly drew her attention, and she began approaching him. After being in each other’s company for a significant amount of time, they began to sense a connection between them and eventually fell in love.

In addition to that, she stated that after they became romantically involved, many of the boys behaved poorly toward them. Many people did not believe that they would be able to maintain their relationships and spoke very negatively about them. Nevertheless, their love was so powerful that it enabled them to remain committed to one another despite the ups and downs that life presented to them.

In the end, they tied the knot on October 11 of an unknown year, and since then, they have been a couple for the past ten years and are still going strong. At this moment, she, her husband, and her son constitute the ideal family unit. They have served as an inspiration to a great number of people who tend to end relationships far too quickly. Their connection is expected to last through the decades to come and even after they have both breathed their last.

Dulce Candy Rumors and Scandal

She has not, as of yet, gotten herself involved in any unfavorable rumors or controversies that could be detrimental to her professional career. She has avoided anything that may possibly stir up rumors and controversy, which is a commendable display of professionalism on her part. Additionally, it is clear that she is not interested in gaining fame by participating in these activities.

Dulce Candy Endorsements

She has multiple endorsement deals from a variety of fashion firms as a result of her success as a fashion vlogger and YouTuber. On her Instagram account, she promotes a number of different brands and goods in a number of different posts.

Dulce Candy YouTube 

People have found employment on YouTube by establishing connections with viewers and monetizing their content through the placement of advertisements that viewers are compelled to watch while viewing their videos. The same can be said for Dulce Candy, as the majority of Dulce Candy’s profits and income come from her YouTube channel. The number of people who subscribe to her channel and watch her videos has increased dramatically over the past few years. At the moment, she has more than 2.2 million subscribers on her channel, and each day an average of 12,253 people visit her videos.

When taking into account the number of daily views and new subscribers, the website socialblade.com estimates that she makes between $1,100 and $17,600 annually from the videos posted on her YouTube channel.

After taking into account and analyzing each of the aforementioned sources of income, we can deduce that her estimated net worth is somewhere between $1 million and $1.5 million.

Dulce Candy Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of around $500k.