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Kmele Foster
Kmele Foster
Kmele Foster

Kmele Foster Biography

Kmele Foster is a well-known political analyst and entrepreneur in the American telecommunications industry. He is most recognized for his roles as co-founder and Vice President of the telecommunications consultancy TelcoIQ, which he established. At the moment, he is working as a co-host for the libertarian podcast known as The Fifth Column.

Additionally, Kmele served as the former Chairman of America’s Future Foundation, a non-profit political activist organization with its headquarters in Washington, DC.

Previously, he worked alongside Reason magazine editor Matt Welch and Kennedy anchor Lisa Kennedy Montgomery as a co-host for the program The Independents, which was broadcast on the Fox Business Network but has since been canceled. At the media company Freethink, where he works currently, he is the Lead Producer.

Kmele Foster Age

Kmele was born on October 31, 1980, he is 42 years old.

Kmele Foster Family

Foster was born in 1980 and raised in the Washington, D.C. area. His mother is Jamaican. Information about his parents and siblings is still unknown.

Kmele Foster Education

Currently there is no information about Kmele’s education since he has not yet mentioned the schools he attended.

Kmele Foster Wife

He is married to Tracy and they have children. Kmele has never talked about his wife and children so not much is known about them.

Kmele Foster Podcast

TelcoIQ is a consulting firm that specializes in telecommunications, and Kmele is one of the co-founders and Vice Presidents of the company. The Fifth Column is a libertarian podcast that covers many political and social themes, and Foster is one of the hosts of the show. As a political pundit, he frequently appears on cable news programs such as MSNBC and Fox News, among others.

During its run on the Fox Business Network, the show “The Independents” included Foster as a co-host. At Freethink, a media firm that focuses on innovation, he now holds the role of lead producer and is a partner. He previously served in the role of chairman for the non-profit political activist organization known as America’s Future Foundation.

Kmele Freethink

At the media company Freethink, where he works currently, he is the Lead Producer. A video-sharing website that was established in 2011 with the mission of sharing narratives about the tenacity, inspiration, and advancement of the human race.

Kmele Foster Msnbc

On the morning show “AM Joy” on MSNBC, a debate took place between culture critic Touré and conservative podcaster Kmele, two Black men who represent opposite sides of the spectrum when discussing the topic of police brutality. After Foster had the audacity to downplay the gravity of police shootings against black people, the two came to blows with each other.

Foster ridiculed the push for police reforms and disparaged how Colin Kaepernick has taken the lead in the fight against racism when he was asked about the police shooting of unarmed black males. He argued that there were only approximately “20” unarmed men gunned down by police last year.

Kmele Net Worth

His estimated net worth is $9 Million.

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