Kristen Hampton

Kristen Hampton Bio, Wiki, Age, Husband, WBTV and Net Worth

Kristen Hampton
Kristen Hampton

Kristen Hampton Biography

Kristen Hampton is an American media personality. The role that has brought her the most notoriety is that of host of the daily feature on WBTV called “The Good News.” At the age of eighteen, Kristen launched her professional acting career. At WAGT, she began her career working as a studio camera operator.

She was able to establish herself as a reporter in the newsroom in a short amount of time. After waiting another five years, she finally found what she considers to be “The best job in the world” here at WBTV in 2003. Under the larger umbrella of GrayTelevision, Kristen was also responsible for the creation of social media and digital content.

Kristen Hampton Age

Kristen was born on May 1, 1980, in Augusta, Georgia, United States.  She is 43 years old.

Kristen Hampton Parents

Augusta, Georgia, in the United States of America, is where Kristen began her life. Her parents brought her and her sister up in Augusta as part of their family unit there. The ninth of January is the day that their mother celebrates her birthday.

She is an American citizen and has revealed her ethnic background; nevertheless, based on her accent, it seems as though she is of white origin. There is no information available regarding the educational background of the host of The Good News.

Kristen Hampton Husband

She is a lady who is married, but her husband is also a woman. Kristen Hampton and Terra Thompson, whom she married, are both of the same sexual orientation.

On April 29, 2019, Kristen announced the identity of her boyfriend for the first time publicly on Facebook. This came after she had been inundated with congratulations and well-wishes over her relationship. Kristen revealed the fact that she is a lesbian while at the same time gushing over her wife Terra.

2008 was the year that marked the beginning of the couple’s first encounter; prior to that, each of them was involved with another woman.

Kristen flung the blades of romantic defects at her partner after they had been together for six years. She did this by flirting with her and maintaining a close distance via social media.

On September 3, 2016, the pair tied the knot at the Historic Rural Hill farm in front of eighty of their friends and family members.

Before she was 39 years old, Kristen provided a response to the public inquiry regarding her husband. In addition, they commemorated Terra’s first screening at Charlotte Radiology together and urged her to continue having mammograms.

Kristen Hampton Gay

When Kristen was asked to be the emcee at the annual fund-raising luncheon for the Charlotte Lesbian and Gay Fund, her first instinct was to gently decline the opportunity. However, she ultimately decided to accept the invitation.

This is not because she has a fear of speaking in public or because she believes she would be a lousy host; rather, this is due to the fact that she is gay.

Kristen was uncomfortable disclosing her sexual orientation to everyone in the entire world. In point of fact, it’s not merely something that she hadn’t yet shared with the thousands of people who watched her “Good News” segments and followed her on Facebook; rather, it’s something that she was purposefully concealing from them.

However, Kristen’s greatest concern was that word would spread that she hosted an event that included the word “gay,” that her viewers would discover that she is gay, that they would inundate her with horrible, hateful messages, and that, in the end, so many of her fans would turn against her that the safe haven that she had spent the past eight years constructing for people looking for stories drenched in positivity would be destroyed.

Kristen Hampton WBTV

In 2003, Kristen found a home at WBTV, where she currently holds what she considers to be “the best job in the world.” Every day, Kristen provides us with an update on “The Good News.” Since March 2009, Kristen has been exploring the streets and soliciting suggestions from viewers on stories that are meant to uplift and smile us.

Kristen asserts that although there is a great deal of evil in the world at the present time, people must realize that there is also an equal amount of, if not more, good in the world. In the episodes of “Good News” that Kristen has hosted, she has highlighted a wide variety of people, animals, and locations.

Kristen Hampton’s Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth that ranges between $500k – $1 million.

Kristen Hampton WBTV Colleagues

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  4. Caroline Hicks
  5. Courtney Cole
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  7. Nate Wimberly
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