Lillie Price Stevenson

Lillie Price Stevenson Biography, Age, Kirstie Alley, And Net Worth

Lillie Price Stevenson and her mother
Lillie Price Stevenson and her mother

Lillie Price Stevenson Biography

Lillie Price Stevenson is the daughter of the well-known actress Kirstie Alley and the well-known actor Parker Stevenson. On June 15, 1994, she was born and she is known as an American star who was born in the United States.

She is an adopted daughter of their parents and bears some resemblance to Miley Cyrus in appearance. Hutch Parker and Rebecca Pollack are the proud parents of their little girl. In addition, she has an older brother named William Genuine Stevenson who was also adopted by her parents and was brought into the world in the year 1992. In 2016, he became a father for the first time to a boy.

Her father, Parker, has been in a number of different movies and shows on television. In addition to his roles in Falcon Crest and The Hardy Boy’s Mysteries, he played the role of an oceanographer in Avalon Beyond the Abyss and Baywatch. Her mother is an award-winning American actress, comedian, and spokesmodel from the United States.

In addition to this, she is well-known for her appearances on television in the programs Cheers, Star Journey II: Look Who’s Talking, and the film The Wrath of Khan. Lillie’s parents got a divorce in May 1997, three years after she was born; during the process, there was also a fight over child support and custody of Lillie.

Both of Lillie’s parents are well-known celebrities; her mother is an American actress who has won multiple awards and has appeared in a number of television series, and her father is well-known for his roles in a number of films and television series, including Baywatch and Falcon Crest, among others.

Lillie Price Stevenson Age

She is a well-known American celebrity who was born in the United States on June 15, 1994. She is 29 years old.

Lillie Price Stevenson Height

She stands at an approximate height of 5’6” tall.

Lillie Price Stevenson’s Parents

Stevenson is the adopted daughter of the famous actress Kirstie Alley and the famous actor Parker Stevenson.

Lillie Price Stevenson Husband

Nick Trela is the name of her boyfriend, and the two of them had recently started living together and making plans for their wedding. Nick Trela held a position at the Scientology-affiliated Delphian School, which is located in a more remote part of Oregon. In December of 2014, Nick Trela died after he was involved in a motorbike accident in Los Angeles.

Following his passing, she was left in a state of utter desolation, and she spent the majority of her time in grieving by herself at the Alley’s Clearwater Compound.

She had just returned home after his memorial service, which had been held in the Hollywood Scientology Center and was attended by her family and close friends. Despite the fact that Lillie’s father was no longer a member of the family, the church made an exception and allowed him to attend the memorial service.

Lillie Price Stevenson Career

The character that Lillie Price played in the television show Kirstie Alley’s Big Life, which aired in 2010, and in which she appeared with her mother, Kristie Alley, is the one for which she is most known.

Lillie Price Stevenson Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth that ranges between $400,000 – $600, 000.





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