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Robert Kelly (Comedian) Bio, Wiki, Age, Wife, and Net Worth

Robert Kelly
Robert Kelly

Robert Kelly Biography  

Robert Kelly is a well-known stand-up comedian, actor, radio personality, and podcast presenter based in the United States. At the Comedy Cellar, he has become a regular performer. Robert has appeared on a number of other talk shows, including Last Call with Carson Daly, Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn, and Premium Blend, in addition to being a frequent guest on The Opie and Anthony Show, broadcast on Sirius XM Satellite Radio. He received the Breakthrough Performer of the Year award in 2003 from, where he was voted on by users.

Robert Kelly Age

Robert was born on October 8, 1970, in Medford, Massachusetts. He is 52 years old.

Robert Kelly Family

Robert was born in Medford, Massachusetts, which is located about five kilometers (three miles) west of Boston. There is a lack of knowledge regarding his family, including his parents and siblings. Robert and his family of thirteen all lived in a home with three bedrooms while he was growing up. Robert is a devout Catholic who comes from Irish and Italian ancestors. He was raised up in the Catholic faith. He eventually admitted that he was a drug addict.

Robert was just ten years old when he started drinking, and he was fifteen when he finally gave up drinking and drugs. Since then, he has not used any substances. He was a juvenile when he was arrested and sent to a facility for young offenders for some time.

Robert Kelly Wife

Robert is a family man; he and his wife have a child. In 2015, the family relocated from New York City to Westchester, also located in the state of New York. Catch a Rising Star in Cambridge, Massachusetts was the location of Robert’s very first performance as a solo artist, and his family was there to watch it.

Robert Kelly Comedy Central Presents

On August 8, 2014, Robert presented the one-hour concert special titled Live at the Village Underground, which was directed by Bobcat Goldthwait. It was first broadcast on Comedy Central in January of 2015.

Robert Kelly Podcast

In April of 2010, Kelly launched his own podcast titled “You Know What Dude!” on RiotCast, a podcast network that he is a co-owner of. At the Comedy Cellar, there is a studio where weekly recordings are made. Kelly referred to the podcast as “a real comic hang” in the introduction.

On a weekly basis, it has Kelly moderates a debate with anywhere from three to five other comedians, with a focus on being honest and “ball-busting.” The likes of Joe List, Luis J. Gomez, and Dan Soder are frequent guests on his show. Kelly Fastuca was the show’s producer up until September 2014, when she was replaced by Chris Scopo, who has been producing the show since.

Robert Kelly Book

The comic book “Cheat: A Man’s Guide to Infidelity” was written by Kelly, Burr, and Joe DeRosa, and it was published in the year 2012. The three of them had previously collaborated on the screenplay for a short film titled “Cheat.”

Robert Kelly Acting Career

Kelly had a number of other occupations under his belt before he began performing stand-up comedy full-time, including working as a waiter, carrying flowers, and working with juvenile offenders. After the breakup of his comic ensemble in the early 1990s, Kelly went a period of two years without doing stand-up comedy. Patrice O’Neal persuaded Kelly to move back to the East coast after he had spent some time living in Los Angeles. Kelly eventually moved back to the East coast.

In 1998, Robert was discovered by an agent thanks to the work he had done in the acting industry, and he moved to New York City to advance his career. He moved in with Bill Burr, a Boston comedian who was also a friend.

In 2005, Robert went on the road with fellow comedians Dane Cook, Gary Gulman, and Jay Davis for a cross-country tour that was called Tourgasm. Robert was able to complete the tour despite suffering a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and strained medial collateral ligament (MCL) in his knee. The tour was subsequently broadcast on HBO as a comedic documentary series beginning in June of 2006. In later years, he participated in Cook’s Global Thermo Comedy Tour: Isolated Incident as a co-headlining performer alongside Al Del Bene.

During the years 2005 and 2006, Robert traveled to Iraq alongside fellow comedian Colin Quinn. While there, both of them gave stand-up performances for the American troops who were stationed in Baghdad.

On May 6, 2007, Robert participated at the New Jersey Bamboozle Festival as a part of the Pass the Mic Comedy Tour. This event took place in New Jersey. Additionally, Robert played the ghost of a construction worker in the comic film Ghost Town, which was released in 2008.

In the same year, Robert also had a brief voice part in the 2008 video game Grand Theft Auto IV as Luca Silvestri. Luca Silvestri was an associate of Ray Boccino and a member of the Pegorino crime family. He accompanied the main character on a task in the game.

Kelly played the role of Robbie, Louis CK’s brother, on the first, fourth, and fifth seasons of the FX sitcom Louie, which she starred in between the years of 2010 and 2015. Kelly considered his work on the show to be one of the best performances of his whole acting career.

Beginning in 2015, Kelly has a recurring role in the television show Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll for a total of two seasons. It was his first acting job as a regular cast member, and in preparation for the part, he took rigorous drum training.

Robert Kelly Net Worth

Robert has an estimated net worth that ranges between $500k – $1million.






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