Rutina Wesley

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Rutina Wesley
Rutina Wesley

Rutina Wesley Biography

Rutina Wesley is a well-known performer in the United States. Her portrayal of Tara Thornton on the television series True Blood on HBO and Nova Bordelon on the television series Queen Sugar on OWN are primarily responsible for her widespread fame.

Rutina Wesley Age

Rutina was born on December 21, 1978, in Las Vegas, Nevada in the USA. She is 44 years old.

Rutina Wesley Height

Rutina stands at a height of 1.66 m.

Rutina Wesley Family

Rutina spent her entire childhood in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she was born. Her mother, Cassandra Wesley, was a showgirl, and her father, Ivery Wheeler, is a professional tap dancer. She is the daughter of Ivery Wheeler and Cassandra Wesley.

Rutina Wesley Education

Rutina received her secondary education at the Las Vegas Institute of International Studies, Performing and Visual Arts during her junior and senior years. At Simba Studios and the West Las Vegas Arts Center, she received her training in ballet.

During the time that she spent at the Las Vegas Academy, she was passed over for several college training program auditions before she was ultimately accepted by the University of Evansville in the state of Indiana. Due to the low number of members of underrepresented groups in the state, Rutina was hesitant about enrolling in the institution.

She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theatrical Performance in the year 2001. Rutina’s grandmother encouraged her to enroll in a nursing program, but she was adamant that she continue her education in the arts instead. She enrolled at the Juilliard School in 2001 and received her diploma from there in May 2005 (Group 34). As part of her education, she spent one summer studying at the Royal College of Dramatic Art. During her time at Juilliard, she developed a strong friendship with Nelsan Ellis, who would later become her co-star (Group 33: 2000–2004).

Rutina Wesley Husband

Rutina splits her time between Astoria, in the borough of Queens, and Los Angeles. In 2005, she tied the knot with Jacob Fishel, an actor who had been a colleague of hers at Juilliard. She submitted her petition for divorce on August 16, 2013, claiming insurmountable differences as the reason.

Rutina Wesley Queen Sugar

Through her Instagram profile, Rutina shared the news that she had become engaged to New Orleans’ Chef Shonda. In 2013, she filed for divorce from Jacob Fishel. On the hit show created by Ava DuVernay and shot in Louisiana, she portrays the role of Nova, an independent and experienced woman.

Rutina was selected to play the main role in the drama series Queen Sugar, which is broadcast on the Oprah Winfrey Network and is produced by Ava DuVernay and Oprah Winfrey in 2016.

Rutina Wesley True Blood

In 2007, Rutina went through the process of trying out for the part of Tara Thornton on the HBO series True Blood. The show’s creator, Alan Ball, ultimately decided to cast her in the character because “[she] was the first person who showed [Tara’s] vulnerable side.”

Rutina Wesley Workout

Fitness Magazine was lucky enough to get Rutina’s insights on how she stays in such great condition despite her rigorous workout routine. The performer disclosed, “Three times per week, I do a combination of cardio and strength training by using the elliptical machine and lifting weights.” “However, a significant portion of my nimbleness stems from my background as a dancer; I received my training at Juilliard. I also do yoga. It allows me to let go of the crazy character that I portray, which helps me relax.

Rutina Wesley Career

In December of 2006, Rutina was a part of David Hare’s production The Vertical Hour, which was performed on Broadway. Rutina also featured in the production of In Darfur at The Public Theater in 2007, which was written by playwright Winter Miller and starred a cast that included Heather Raffo, Aaron Lohr, and others.

In the movie “Hitch,” which was released in 2005, Rutina had a small part that was ultimately removed from the movie. In the picture How She Moves, which was directed by a British filmmaker named Ian Iqbal Rashid and released in 2007, she made her first appearance on screen as the lead character. Tony Manero, the character that John Travolta played in the film Saturday Night Fever, served as the basis for the fictional character Raya Green, who competes in a step-dancing contest in order to win money for her schooling.

Rutina participated in a dance rehearsal session that lasted for a total of five weeks before the filming began. She played a character who was of Jamaican descent, and in preparation for the part, she received training in the Jamaican accent.

The news that Rutina had been cast in a recurring part on the NBC drama series Hannibal came out in January of 2015. Reba McClane was performed by Rurin, and her character was described as “a blind woman who enters into a relationship with Francis Dolarhyde (Richard Armitage), and helps soothe his murderous urges—at least initially.” In January 2015, Rutina made her debut on Arrow as Liza Warner, which was then in its fourth season.

Rutina Wesley Net Worth

Rutina has an estimated net worth of $4 million dollars.

Rutina Wesley Movies

  • 2015 – The Perfect Guy as Alicia
  • 2014 – 13 Sins as Shelby
  • 2014 – Last Weekend as Nora Finley-Perkins
  • 2013 – The Championship Rounds as Tina
  • 2012 – California Winter as Marcy Sanchez
  • 2007 – How She Mov as Raya Gree






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